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Model Description

The 2024 Ninja 7 Hybrid isn’t just a machine, it’s a game-changer. It’s the lightning in a bottle, the roar of the engine intertwined with the latest electronic innovation, an adrenaline rush redefined.

Crave power? Unleash the beast within. The Ninja 7 Hybrid packs a punching 451cc parallel-twin engine that screams with raw power. But that’s just the beginning. Unleash the e-boost, and feel the instant torque of an electric motor catapult you forward like a slingshot launched by a thunder god. Leave literbikes in your dust as you pull with hyper-acceleration that will imprint your face into a permanent grin.

Thirsty for efficiency? Say goodbye to gas station woes. The Ninja 7 Hybrid sips fuel like a hummingbird on nectar, boasting fuel economy that rivals scooters. Glide through the city in ECO mode, where the electric motor whispers you along with whisper-quiet stealth. Need to stretch your legs? Cruise on the highway in HYBRID mode, where engine and motor dance in perfect harmony, delivering fuel efficiency that shames even the smallest bikes.

Demand control? The Ninja 7 Hybrid bends to your will. Effortless, seamless clutchless gear changes with a tap of your finger. Adjustable riding modes cater to your every mood, from eco-warrior to speed demon. Advanced traction control keeps you glued to the asphalt, even when your heart is soaring in the clouds.

As with all NEW Kawasaki models here at Greenham Kawasaki, 48-month warranty is included along with 12 month RAC UK-wide breakdown cover for your peace of mind, with nationwide delivery also an option. Should you have any additional questions, want to arrange any finance options or to arrange a test ride, please do get in touch on 01635 916464 !

Model Specification