2022 Kawasaki W800


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Model Description

A Timeless Ride: The Kawasaki W800 Cafe

The Kawasaki W800 Cafe isn’t just a motorcycle, it’s a rolling tribute to the golden age of cafe racers. Kawasaki captures the essence of classic British bikes with a modern twist.

The air-cooled, 773cc engine thrums with character, delivering smooth power through the low and mid-range. Don’t expect neck-snapping acceleration, but a satisfying surge that begs to be explored on winding backroads. Modern fuel injection ensures crisp throttle response and reliable starts.

The riding position leans you forward slightly, thanks to the clubman handlebars and a sculpted seat. It’s not aggressive, but creates a comfortable and connected feel. Chrome peashooter exhausts emit a throaty roar that perfectly complements the bike’s retro aesthetic.

While the W800 Cafe evokes nostalgia, it doesn’t compromise on safety. Telescopic forks and twin rear shocks provide a comfortable ride, while disc brakes with ABS offer confident stopping power.

This Kawasaki is more than just a looker; it’s a motorcycle built for those who appreciate classic design and a connection to the ride. It’s perfect for cruising to a local cafe or carving out some scenic twisties, all while turning heads with its timeless style.

As with all Greenham Kawasaki used models, it includes a 12-month warranty for your peace of mind, with nationwide delivery also an option. Should you have any additional questions about this or any other model here at Greenham Kawasaki, please do reach out to us on 01635 916464 – we look forward to hearing from you.

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